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REMPLI - Real-time Energy Management via Powerlines and Internet

Infrastructure for utility applications

The goal of the REMPLI project is to create a solution that allows for saving energy in large-scale energy distribution networks: private households within a certain district or town, large production environments, etc. The intended scope of applications is not limited to electrical energy only; other kinds of supplies (heat, water, gas, and the like) are intended to be covered as well.

The basis of the system is a powerline communication (PLC) infrastructure that allows to access metering and control equipment remotely. The primary usage of this infrastructure is the remote meter reading and remote control. However, the communication platform is open to various kinds of add-on services.

The initially proposed architecture of the system is schematically illustrated in the following figure.

As shown in the figure, the communication infrastructure typically consists of
  • low-voltage segments which cover groups of energy consumers (for example, a segment can span across one staircase of apartments within a living block)
  • mid-level voltage segments between the primary and secondary transformer stations
  • TCP/IP (or IEC 60870) based network connecting the primary transformer stations and the SCADA Server(s) and Billing Server(s) of the utility company
  • TCP/IP communication over the Internet between some of the Utility Company's Servers and clients that need to access the data
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The REMPLI Final Report is released!



REMPLI Final Report

The REMPLI Final Report is available!
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