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REMPLI - Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of using power line communication? Why didn't you use a wireless or GSM solution or an off-the-shelf fieldbus?

Is REMPLI just an academic feasibility study or is there a real-world implementation planned?

Powerline Communication

PLC Technology has been criticized lately because of electromagnetic interferences. How does REMPLI deal with this topic?

How is the situation of regulation to use this technology?

Why do you not use Broadband PLC?

Is it possible to use REMPLI and Broadband PLC on the same power-line?

What is PLC anyway?

Will the PLC that is used in REMPLI interfere with my wireless network or short wave radio?

What data rates do you expect?


What are the benefits of using REMPLI for meter reading?

What products are planned to emerge out of REMPLI?

Can I use REMPLI with my existing SCADA system?

Can I use it with my metering application?

Can I use the REMPLI system with other communication technologies?

Will Opera coexist with REMPLI? Are you competitors to Opera?

Can I use the REMPLI system to provide Internet access to private customers?

Is REMPLI better than HomePlug? Can they coexist or do they interfere?

Project Overview


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