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REMPLI - Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of using REMPLI for meter reading?
Current solutions are different to the REMPLI solution in four major aspects:
  • One infrastructure for different operators: Different operators (e.g. distribution companies for water, gas, electricity, remote heat) have to invest in only one meter reading network instead of having several independent working networks.
  • Cost free communication over low- and medium voltage network: In contrast to GSM-based solutions the use of the communication network is free of costs.
  • Cost effective gathering of meter data with the option to control the network: Besides reading metering data it is possible to implement new functionality and services. The service is available at any time, without any additional data volume-based or time-based costs.
  • Integration of services: The REMPLI solution is a multi purpose solution. Meter reading is only one of several possible applications provided by this network. With SCADA-nodes connected to the same network it is possible to control and monitor the distribution network itself. Other options are the provision of services for facility management, building automation and end customer services like fire alarm and burglary supervision.
What products are planned to emerge out of REMPLI?
REMPLI is looking more for a complete system solution than for single products. Nevertheless, as the solution is composed of different building blocks the following products are developed in the course of the project:
  • Nodes with integrated power-line communication capability and integrated metering interfaces for M-Bus and IEC 62056 (also known as IEC 1107)
  • Access Point with integrated power-line communication capabilities and TCP/IP-interface
  • SCADA-nodes for monitoring and controlling the distribution network, facilities and households.
  • Integrated control center
Can I use REMPLI with my existing SCADA system?
SCADA functionality can be added to the REMPLI system solution. Whether already existing SCADA systems can be used depends on their protocol and timing requirements. A general answer cannot be provided; this has to be investigated case by case.

Can I use it with my metering application?
The REMPLI system can cooperate with other metering applications that are capable of handling the M-Bus and IEC 62056 (also known as IEC 1107) protocol. The usage has to be investigated case by case with respect to protocol compatibility and timing requirements.

Can I use the REMPLI system with other communication technologies?
In principle other communication technologies might be used, either completely or partially. However, from an investment point of view power-line communication is the most economic solution.

Will OPERA coexist with REMPLI? Are you competitors to OPERA?
OPERA is an EU-founded research project to define standards and regulation for Broadband PLC. Most of the participants of the Broadband PLC market are member of the OPERA project. The focus of OPERA and the Broadband PLC market is complete different to REMPLI. Furthermore the frequency bands and situation of regulation are completely different. It is therefore possible to use both systems on the same power-line in parallel.

Can I use the REMPLI system to provide Internet access to private customers?
REMPLI is not designed to provide high speed Internet access to private customer. But it is possible to provide a low speed communication channel for building control or heating management.

Is REMPLI better than HomePlug? Can they coexist or do they interfere?
Both products have a different focus. HomePlug is a standard for in-house Broadband PLC. It is possible to use both systems on the same power-line in parallel. HomePlug however can not provide the required distances and reliability of communication for the needs of REMPLI.

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